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With a strong focus on empowering both beginner and veteran software engineers, GDG Lahore has maintained itself as the largest developer community in Pakistan for over 10 years. Join us in our many conferences, workshops, hackathons, and other events.

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Join us for our flagship developers conference, DevFest Lahore 2023!

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DevFest Lahore 2023

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RoadToDevFest: AI Halloween

RoadToDevFest: AI Halloween

A pre-DevFest event focusing on the wonders of AI and ML with a touch of spookiness with immersive d...

Google Cloud Liftoff

Google Cloud Liftoff

GDG Lahore, in collaboration with Google Cloud, brought the later's signature LiftOff event in Laho...

Google I/O Extended 2023

Google I/O Extended 2023

I/O Extended events are held around the world for developers to take part in the Google I/O experie...

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